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The company IOOO "SOYUZ-CABLE" is specializing in the manufacturing of optical fibre cables for the interconnected communicational network of Russia, CIS countries and the global network. Production capacity of the company is 30 thousand kilometers of optical fibre cables per year. The production complex is based on modern high-performance technological equipment of "Nextrom OY" (Finland) for manufacturing of optical fibre cables. "SOYUZ-CABLE" is the only company in Belarus having it’s own accredited laboratory, which enables to test optical fibre cables for resistance to cyclic temperature changes and mechanical loads, as well as to measure the electrical parameters of the cables.


IOOO "SOYUZ-CABLE" was established on 9 july 2003 in Vitebsk, Belarus at the territory of FEZ. We are the first company in Belarus that started optical fibre cables production.


We use up-to-date technologies and brand-new measuring and testing equipment for optical fibre cables production.


Optical fibres meet the requirements of IEC 60793 standard. We use only "Corning" and "Fujikura" optical fibres ensuring the quality of cables. But we can also employ different optical fibres according to specific customer requirements. Presently, optical fibre cables manufacturers and end-users employ low-water-peak fibres LWPF (ITU-T-compliant G.652 C,D) and non-zero dispersion-shifted fibres NZDSF (ITU-T-compliant G.655). The up-to-date top quality SOYUZ-CABLE equipment enables to produce cables containing up to 400 optical fibres.


SOYUZ-CABLE successfully implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.