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About us

INTEGRA is a well-known optical fibre cables manufacturer. Cables development and production under INTEGRA's trade mark was established in 2002. INTEGRA's optical fiber cables are produced at SOYUZ-KABEL works in Belarus. Over 290 000 km of optical fiber cables were produced and implemented for the whole period of INTEGRA trade mark successful development. Nowadays INTEGRA cables are being sold across Russia and CIS countries.



INTEGRA's optical fibre cables are produced under the unified management system, which is implemented throughout the whole production process. All of INTEGRA's certified products are monitored regularly by specialists, test and certification centers. Optical fibre cables test equipment and qualified personnel meet local and world requirements.  

Many original and patented solutions have been implemented by our specialists. INTEGRA offers our customers high-quality products according to multiple international standards and certifications. 

As optical fibre cables technology improves we target to meet all modern and perspective developments.


Customer focused approach is directed to meet personal requirements of any customer.

Primarily we attempt to satisfy any individual requests of our customers. 

INTEGRA`s dedicated team of specialists provides our clients with the best services which help to achieve maximum results.

INTEGRA optical fibre cables are used by Russian largest communication companies. 


We appreciate every customer and attentive to any treatment. Maintaining a constant dialogue with our partners we are effectively improving our products and services. We will be glad to see you among our clients.